Topics and Tracks

Personal Voice Assistants, AI and Cloud

Personal Voice Assistants and Artificial Intelligence

Learn about natural language processing, how to build skills and actions for voice assistants or how to create your own Open Source chatbots in the Artificial Intelligence deep technology track. Join sessions covering Bot Framework, Tensorflow, Dataprep and more.

Cloud, Container, DevOps

Cloud, Container, DevOps

Get better insights in how to deploy apps on the cloud more efficiently and save your company money. Sessions in the Cloud, Container, DevOps track cover Kubernetes, Serverless Architecture, Microservices, Docker Kompose, Omnibus, OpenStack, Virtual Kubelet, and Continuous Integration.



Meet developers and startups working on the blockchain to create solutions for distributed computing, cloud services and Fintech in the Blockchain track.



Find out how to keep your services secure in the Cybersecurity track. The track has sessions about Encryption with PGP, SELinux, Secrets Management, Backups, QubesOS, Securing Web and Javascript apps.

Web & Mobile

Web & Mobile

What technologies will we need for the Conversational Web? How will existing technologies change and what else is happening in tech for web and mobile platforms? A wide variety of topics are covered in the Web and Mobile track with talks and workshops about JS frameworks, PWA, Android, Web VR and AR.

Hardware, Design and Local Production

Hardware, Science, Design and Local Production

The FOSSASIA Open Tech Summit covers topics from software to hardware and knowledge. These are the ingredients for local production. We have a dedicated track on Open Design, IoT, Hardware, Imaging.

Open Data, Internet Society, Community

Open Data, Internet Society, Community

More and more governments, companies and citizens share data for the benefit of the society. What are the use cases for Open data? What possibilities do we have for a truly free society in the times of tracking devices and supervision technologies, how to keep communities engaged in Free and Open Source development? These are some of the questions in the Open Data, Internet Society, and Community track.



Meet developers of PostgreSQL, MySQL, Apache Spark, MariaDB and NoSQL projects and learn how to save your company money with Open Source database solutions in the Database track. Specific topics include Scaling TB of data, Real-time data masking, Replication Features, Performance Schema, BigQuery, and Immutable Key-Value Stores.

Kernel & Platform

Kernel & Platform

The Kernel & Platform track covers topics from the Linux Kernel to BSD and desktop systems such as Meilix or applications like VLC. Learn about BSD network servers, Hacking with x86 Windows Tablets, Asynchronous integration of GPU computing with HPX many task processing, Unikernelized Linux, Open Build Service in Debian, and Learn C from the trenches.

Science Tech and Education

Science Tech and Education

Science needs to be open and verifiable. As more and more tools are available to a larger part of the population the chance to become a scientist or simply to participate in citizen science increases. What tools exist? What hardware is available? How to do science hands-on with Open Source software and hardware? The Science Tech and Education track covers it.


Open Event Solutions

Open Event Conf covers topics to run your event entirely with Free/Open Source. FOSSASIA develops its own solutions hosted at . What is the status and what are the next steps to make it end consumer ready? How can contributors join the development and what are the opportunities?


UNESCO Open Science and Open Data Hackathon

In the UNESCO Hackathon developers, designers, tech contributors, bloggers, and journalists join in to develop Open Data apps and games for sustainable development.

Featured Speakers

Vlado Koljibabic

Head of CASE IT at Daimler AG

Vlado leads IT for the new CASE business unit. He delivers digital channels for CASE and runs major projects in the manner of services for e-mobility and customer centricity. CASE stands for Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric..

Kaz Sato

Developer Advocate at Google

Kaz is Staff Developer Advocate at Google Cloud focusing on Machine Learning and Data Analytics products, such as TensorFlow, Cloud ML and BigQuery. He is supporting developer communities for Google Cloud for over 8 years and is also interested in hardware and IoT.

Chris Aniszczyk

Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Chris is currently a VP at the Linux Foundation focused on developer relations and running the Open Container Initiative (OCI) / Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Furthermore, he's a partner at Capital Factory where he focuses on mentoring, advising and investing in open source and infrastructure focused startups.

Michael Christen


Michael is the founder of SUSI AI, loklak and, the creator of the Peer-to-Peer Search engine YaCy. He is a Big Data Engineer consulting for some of the largest corporate players in Germany on search engine technology and digital transformation strategies. He is also the architect of the German Digital Library search portal.

Ramji Venkateswaran

Global Head of Cloud Ecosystem at J.P. Morgan

Ramji an experienced leader in the financial technology industry known for creating teams and culture that focus on pragmatic technical excellence and thought leadership, whilst maintaining obsessive focus on business goals.

Douglas Gray

Senior Vice President, Engineering at Indeed

Doug defines the organizational and development processes for the engineering team as a member of Indeed’s senior leadership team. His areas of expertise include product revitalization, process change and team development. He holds a degree in Computer Science from Stanford University.

Liang Moung

Head of Digital Technology at Singapore Press Holdings

Liang leads a high performing engineering team to develop and support the various websites and mobile applications for SPH’s flagship news brands, including The Straits Times, and Lianhe Zaobao. She holds a degree in Computer Science from Stanford.

Dr Graham Williams

Data Science Director at Microsoft

Graham is as a practitioner and researcher in areas of health, banking, insurance, finance, taxation, immigration, and many more. He has lead projects in data mining since the 1980’s. He was previously a Lead Data Scientist with the Australian Government.

Bunnie Huang

Chibitronics PTE LTD

Bunnie is best known for his work hacking the Microsoft Xbox, as well as for his efforts in designing and manufacturing open source hardware, including the chumby (app-playing alarm clock), chibitronics (teaching electronics through arts and crafts), and Novena (DIY laptop).

Carsten Haitzler

Samsung Electronics

He is also known as Raster or Rasterman to the open source community, best known for initiating and leading the development of the Enlightenment window manager and its libraries. Since 2010 he has been working on Samsung's Linux platform Tizen.

Frank Karlitschek


Frank is the Founder and Managing Director at Nextcloud. He also founded the ownCloud project in 2010 to return control over the storing and sharing of information to consumers. Frank is also a KDE contributor since 2001.

Jean-Baptiste Kempf


Jean-Baptiste is the President of VideoLAN and VLC Lead Developer. Since 2005 he works VideoLAN projects, including VLC for desktop, the relicensing of libVLC, the ports to mobile operating systems, and various multimedia libraries.

Jonas von Malottki

Senior Manager Finance at Daimler

Jonas is shaping the Blockchain and DLT activities from the technology perspective within Daimler. He holds a Diploma in Computer Science and Japanese Studies from University of Bonn. Main focus topics were Metadata and Data Quality as well as Neural Networks. He is a member of the Governing Board of Hyperledger.

Chris Van Tuin

Red Hat

Chris is the Chief Technologist at Red Hat. He has 20+ years of experience in Sales Engineering and Services at Red Hat, Intel, Loudcloud, and Linux startups.

Exhibition Program
March 22 - 24, 2018
Lifelong Learning Institute, Exhibition Halls, Floor 1

  • Thursday, March 22, 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM Exhibition, Career Fair, VIP Tour

    12:00 PM Exhibition & Career Fair Doors Open
    12:15 PM Welcome Snacks
    3:30 PM VIP Tour at Exhibition
    3:30 PM Career Booth Crawl
    6:00 PM Exhibition Doors Close

  • Friday, March 23, 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM Exhibition, Business Lunch and Afternoon Booth Tour

    9:30 AM Exhibitors Breakfast Snacks
    10:00 AM Exhibition Doors Open
    6:00 Exhibition Doors Close

  • Saturday, March 24, 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM Exhibition, Young Developers Booth Tour

    9:30 AM Exhibitors Breakfast Snacks
    10:00 AM Exhibition Doors Open
    10:30 AM Young Developers Booth Tour
    6:00 PM Exhibition Ends

  • Sunday, March 25, 10:00 AM - 3:30 PM After-Exhibition with Community Showcases

    10:00 AM - 3:30 PM Foyer Showcases of Open Source Projects

Conference Program
March 22 - 25 (+26), 2018
Lifelong Learning Institute, Event Halls Floor 1, 2, 4

Social Events Program
March 21 - 25, 2018
Singapore City

  • Wednesday, March 21, 3:00 PM-10:00 PM FOSSASIA Meet & Greet

    Join the FOSSASIA Speakers and Attendees Meet & Greet, meet the local tech scene, explore Singapore in a Culture and Exploration Afternoon, and enjoy the taste of Asia at a local dinner at Lau Pa Sat.

  • Thursday, March 22, 7:30 PM Welcome Get Together

    7:30 PM Tech Gathering with Speakers and Exhibitors

  • Friday, March 23, 7:30 PM Chinatown Snacks and Clarke Quay Pub Crawl

    7:30 PM Let's meet up in Chinatown for Snacks and have a Clarke Quay Pub Crawl

  • 7:30 PM Please join us for a Social Event with Live Music and Cultural Highlights (Business Partners, Speakers Reception, Social Event Ticket Passes)

  • Sunday, March 25, 7:30 PM Dim Sums and Midnight Hacks

    7:30 PM After-Event Dim Sum and Midnight City Hack Lounge

  • Ultimate Cloud Training Day for Professionals

    You want to deploy your solutions in the cloud? You want to make use of your data's company more efficiently? Then our tailored cloud codelab for professionals on Friday, March 23 is right for you. Topics are BigQuery, Image Classification, Dataprep, and Tensorflow. We start at 9.00am with a breakfast. The workshop sessions take place from 9.00am - 4.15pm. Please sign up!

    Register Now
About Image
About Image
  • 50+ Tech Companies and Projects at the FOSSASIA Exhibition

    Meet tech companies like Google, Daimler/Mercedes, and Microsoft at the exhibition, discuss career strategies with Indeed or learn about the latest tech ideas from core developers of projects like VLC, Debian, CentOS, FreeBSD and many more at the exhibition.

    Opening on Thursday, March 22 at 12pm with a reception, running daily from 10am - 6pm until Saturday evening (March 24). Limited Free Hall passes available.

    Free Hall Pass Exhibition Overview
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Want to talk to participants of the UNESCO Hackathon? Get in touch on the chat channel (Github login required).


Stephanie Taylor Program Manager Google
Stephanie Taylor is a program manager at Google working in the Open Source Programs Office. She works on the outreach team managing the Google Code-in program for pre-university students and helping the team with the Google Summer of Code program.
Davide Storti FOSS Program Manager UNESCO
Ronald Grasman Lead Solution Architect eDrive@VANs, Daimler
Ronald is currently managing an interdisciplinary team of engineers and business experts for eDrive@Vans, a new organizational unit within Daimler AG dedicated to the development of electric distribution vehicles. Before transitioning to Mercedes-Benz VANs, Ronald was heading the North American Fuel Cell Operations of Mercedes-Benz between 2013 and 2016. He relocated to the U.S. from Daimler AG, Germany where he was responsible for managing electric vehicle fleet demonstration projects until 2012. Ronald began his career with Daimler AG in 1996 as a Powertrain Engineer and has since then held various engineering and management positions within the company before moving into the field of powertrain electrification, fuel cell and battery electric vehicles in 2007. He holds a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and in addition earned an MBA from the European School of Business at Reutlingen University (ESB). Ronald lives in Stuttgart, Germany with his wife and their two kids.
Italo Vignoli Director The Open Source Initiative (OSI)
Italo Vignoli is a founder and a member of the Steering Committee of The Document Foundation, where he oversees marketing and PR. He was a long time member of the OOo community, and the leader of the Italian group. Italo has been active in high-tech PR and marketing since 1981, immediately after the launch of the IBM PC. Prior to switching to marketing & PR consulting in 1987, he has been a marketing executive in one of the largest technology companies worldwide. Since late 2003, he has been active in marketing open source software. Although he has a degree in humanities, he has a rather good understanding of technology.
Italo Vignoli is a founder and a member of the Steering Committee of The Document Foundation, where he oversees marketing and PR. He was a long time member of the OOo community, and the leader of the Italian group. Italo has been active in high-tech PR and marketing since 1981, immediately after the launch of the IBM PC. Prior to switching to marketing & PR consulting in 1987, he has been a marketing executive in one of the largest technology companies worldwide. Since late 2003, he has been active in marketing open source software. Although he has a degree in humanities, he has a rather good understanding of technology.
Rasmi Mohapatra Lead Technologist The Open Vault - OCBC
Cat Allman Open Source Programs Google
Cat has been involved with the free and Open Source community since the mid 1980s, including stints at Mt Xinu, Sendmail, Inc, and the USENIX Association. Her outreach role in the Open Source Programs Office at Google is like slipping into a warm bath of global FOSS goodness.
Christopher Skene Developer Engagement Manager
Christopher Skene is digital services consultant, specialising in solution design, technical architecture, UX, and strategic consulting for enterprise and government-grade CMS, web application and digital publishing projects. He's currently representing "", the world's best Continuous Deployment web hosting PaaS, across the Asia-Pacific region.
Manikantan Krishnamurthy Lead Developer Community Google
Maik Außendorf Co-founder and Manager Bareos GmbH & Co. KG
Yury Bushmelev Senior System Engineer Lazada
Highly skilled Linux/FreeBSD DevOps/SRE and PostgreSQL DBA with over 15 years of experience
Sara Robinson Developer Advocate Google
Ken Soh Application Engineer AI Singapore
Joe Conway VP PostgreSQL Engineering Crunchy Data Solutions
Joe Conway is an innovative leader with broad experience in a wide array of disciplines and extensive international business exposure. He has been involved with the PostgreSQL community since 1998, presently as a PostgreSQL Committer, Major Contributor, and Infrastructure Team member. He is also the author and maintainer of a PostgreSQL procedural language handler for the R language, PL/R. Joe is currently VP PostgreSQL Engineering at Crunchy Data Solutions and a Board Member at the United States PostgreSQL Association (PgUS).
Kiruthika Ramanathan Senior Manager Science Centre Singapore
Michael Downey Director of Community United Nations Foundation
Michael Downey is the Director of Community for the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) Open Source Center, an initiative of the United Nations Foundation. The Center is a collaborative community promoting knowledge sharing, collaboration, and co-investment in technology and human capacity to support positive social change in FOSS communities around the world.
Floyd DCosta CoFounder Block Armour
Floyd DCosta is the co-founder of Block Armour and Blockchain. With a background in Management Consulting, Floyd has over 16 years of international professional experience in setting up and growing international business practices as well as advising senior clients executives on decisive topics. His experience includes eleven years at Capgemini and spans a variety of industry sectors and technology platforms. Based in Singapore, Floyd helps institutions harness the potential of Blockchain technology for competitive advantage.
Stepan Goncharov Engineering Manager Grab
Stepan Goncharov is an Android Developer Expert. He is leading Driver Android App development team at Grab. He is also one of the organizers of Kotlin user groups in Singapore.
Brian Proffitt Principal Program Manager Red Hat
Brian Proffitt is the Principal Community Analyst for Open Source and Standards team at Red Hat, he is responsible for community metrics, onboarding, and support. A former technology journalist, Brian is also a graduate lecturer at the University of Notre Dam
Jollen Chen Creator & Lead Architect
Jollen Chen is the creator and lead developer of, an open source based IoT blockchain solutions. Before, he has been working on embedded software and full-stack web development for many years. His research interests are the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and IoT data security. Jollen holds a Master's degree in Manufacturing Information and Systems from the National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan. You can find him online at
Ben Sadeghi Data & AI Specialist Microsoft
Ben Sadeghi is the Data & Artificial Intelligence specialist at Microsoft - Asia Pacific, providing consulting and implementation services on the Azure cloud platform. Prior to Microsoft, Ben worked as a data scientist at MapR Technologies, applying data-driven, machine learning solutions on Hadoop. He has developed internal and external data products at "", a travel meta-search site, and worked in the Internet of Things domain at Jawbone, where he implemented predictive applications for the UP Band self-quantification platform. Before moving to the private sector, Ben contributed to several NASA and JAXA space missions. Ben is an active member of the open-source Julia language community. He holds an "http://M.Sc" in computational physics, with an astrophysics emphasis.
Felipe Hoffa Developer Advocate Google
In 2011 Felipe Hoffa moved from Chile to San Francisco to join Google as a Software Engineer. Since 2013 he's been a Developer Advocate on big data - to inspire developers around the world to leverage the Google Cloud Platform tools to analyze and understand their data in ways they could never before. You can find him in several YouTube videos, blog posts, and conferences around the world.
Raymond Chan Chapter Lead DataKind Singapore
Raymond Chan has been a Chapter Lead with DataKind Singapore since 2016. His primary role is data science advocacy and liaison with the non-profit sector. In practice, he tries his best to drag non-profits kicking and screaming into the age of data by demonstrating the value data in creating social impact with DataKind volunteer base. When not doing pro bono data science or working his day job at Lazada, he enjoys travelling and eating insects.
Alyssa Ong Technical Evangelist Microsoft
Alyssa works with Microsoft's Commercial Software Engineering team and is the resident expert in bots. Featured in VentureBeat as one of the top 100 people to watch in the chatbot space, she loves working with startups and enterprises across Southeast Asia and bringing their bots to life (not literally). She is also a part time bubble tea addict, cryptocurrency trader and student of life.
Amahdy Abdelaziz Code Artist Vaadin
Chris Auld Technical Evangelist Manager Microsoft
Gaurang Torvekar Co-founder/CEO Attores
Gaurang Torvekar is a CTO/Co-Founder Attores. Gaurang will be speaking about Attores' latest offering, Open Certificates.
Markku Lepisto Solutions Architect Google
William Tan Head of Technology Projects ITE College West
William is an active promoter of Maker and STEM education for our next generation of technical students. He is head the ITE's 1st Makerspace, Espace-Make2Learn. He has been actively involved in the Maker movement since 2016. Prior to that, he spearhead rapid prototype lab in ITE College West. He has a few applied research with SingHealth, St Luke's Hospital. Graduated from Nanyang Technological University Singapore with Degree of Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical & Electronic Engineering).
Kin Ko Co-Founder LikeCoin Foundation
Sam Witteveen Machine Learning Developer Expert Google
Jan Peuker Product Technology Manager Google
Ken Friedl Data Scientist Daimler
Allen Day Science Advocate Google
Keya Desai Senior Software Consultant Thoughtworks
Nan Xiao Research Engineer Data Storage Institute
Nan Xiao is a a system software/performance engineer, and has more than 10 years experience in software architecture & development: from embedded system to server box. He is especially enthusiastic in technologies related to computer infrastructure, such as Operating System kernel, concurrent programming, debugging, performance tuning, etc. On top of that, he also likes to write technical blog posts in my spare time.
Colin Charles Chief Evangelist Percona
Colin Charles is the Chief Evangelist at Percona. He was previously on the founding team of MariaDB Server in 2009, and had worked at MySQL since 2005, and been a MySQL user since 2000. Before joining MySQL, he worked actively on the Fedora "" rojects. He's well known within open source communities in APAC, and has spoken at many conferences.
Owais Zahid Software Development Manager Autodesk
Matthew Treinish Open Source Developer Advocate IBM
Matthew Treinish has been working on and contributing to Open Source software for most of his career. He has been primarily contributing to OpenStack since 2012 and is a former member of the OpenStack TC (Technical Committee) and was previously the PTL (project technical lead) of the OpenStack community's QA program from OpenStack's Juno development cycle in 2014 through the Mitaka development cycle in 2016. He is a core contributor for several OpenStack projects and a member of the OpenStack Stable Maintenance Team. Matthew currently works for IBM's Developer Advocacy team working to make Open Source software better for everyone. He has previously been a speaker at OpenStack summits, LinuxCons Japan, China, and North America, Open Source Summit EU, OpenWest, FOSSASIA, PyConAU's OpenStack miniconf.
Gilles Gravier Director, Senior Advisor Wipro
Director in the Open Source Consulting Practice and a member of the internal blockchain council at Wipro, he provides global open source and blockchain strategy consulting and advisory services to Wipro's top customers.
Yue Lin Choong Director Women Who Code
Yue Lin Choong has been coding for 20 years, and still loving it.
André Rebentisch Write, Organizer Open Tech Summit Europe
Oskari Saarenmaa CEO Aiven
Oskari Saarenmaa is the CEO and one of the founders of Aiven, a next-generation managed cloud services company offering the best Open Source database and messaging products as fully-managed services to businesses around the world. He has previously founded and managed a couple of software development agencies and worked as a software architect designing secure, large-scale database systems.
Ilya Verbitskiy Founder WebStoating
Ilya Verbitskiy is a software engineer and software development manager in banking, finance and e-commerce sectors, he has gained more than 10 years of experience in leading the development of complex software in teams, large and small. Before starting his own business, he worked in Europe and North America for several multinational companies. He is the founder of WebStoating s.r.o., an agency helping companies to create a successful online business. He uses the Agile approach and Lean Startup methodology to minimize time to market, while paying special attention to the security and quality of the final product. Cloud computing and e-commerce are his fields of special interests.
Mai-Hsuan Chia Developer Ethereum Research
Mai-Hsuan(Kevin) Chia comes from Taiwan. Currently, he is working as a developer in the research team under Ethereum Foundation, mainly helping with Sharding implementation. I'm interested in Blockchain, Computer Security, and System programming.
Philip Paeps Director The FreeBSD Foundation
Philip Paeps (known as Trouble) is an independent consultant and contractor based in Belgium. He provides research and development on low-level software and operating systems, particularly in an embedded or real-time context. His main interests are bootloaders, device drivers and high-performance networking. He can also be convinced to teach courses and workshops on a variety of networking-related topics. In his so-called free time, Philip is a FreeBSD committer contributing mainly to the kernel and a member of the FreeBSD security team. He was one of the main organisers of FOSDEM, the largest annual open source software conference in Europe, from the early 2000s until 2015. He denies having any involvement with amateur radio or tabletop role playing games.
Asankhaya Sharma Head of R&D SourceClear
Dr. Asankhaya Sharma is a cyber security expert and technology leader with over a decade of experience in creating security products for industry, academia and open-source community. He is passionate about building high performing teams and taking innovative products to market. He is also an Adjunct Professor at the Singapore Institute of Technology.
Wong Yong Jie Technical Lead Glints
Robert "Bob" Reyes Tech Speaker Mozilla
Robert 'Bob' Reyes is a Mozilla Rep, Reps Mentor, and Tech Speaker based in Makati City, Philippines. He has been an active contributor to the Mozilla project in the area of localization since 2003. He has been representing the organization in the country since 2011 and has been twice elected to be part of the global organization's leadership as a council member. Bob is now part of Mozilla's Tech Speakers group, which aims to Increase developer awareness and adoption of the Web, Firefox, and Mozilla through a strong community-driven technical speaker development program. Bob is also a Technology Columnist for the Manila Bulletin and Team Manager for the grassroots football team SIPFC. He is a dad to Xeon and Haswell.
Masayuki Igawa Senior Software Engineer SUSE
Masayuki Igawa has been working as a software engineer for over 20 years on a wide range of software projects, and developing open source software related to Linux kernel and virtualization. He has been an active technical contributor to OpenStack since the Grizzly release. He is a core member of some OpenStack QA projects such as Tempest, subunit2sql, openstack-health and stackviz. He currently works for HPE to make Upstream OpenStack better for everyone. Previously, he had been a speaker at OpenStack Summits, LinuxCons Japan and the other open source related conference events.
Camilo Libedinsky Assistant Professor National University of Singapore
Camilo Libedinsky is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Psychology of NUS, a principal investigator at the Singapore Institute for Neurotechnology (SINAPSE), and a joint Principal Investigator at the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, A*STAR. He received his Bachelor of Science from Universidad de Chile and his Ph.D. from Harvard University.His lab aims to understand the neural mechanisms underlying cognitive function at the level of populations of individual neurons (or circuits), and to apply this knowledge to develop novel neurotechnologies.
Mishari Muqbil Founder CoderDojo
Mishari Muqbil has participated in the Open Source community since 1990s. Homeschool Dad.
Preetam Rai Founder & Educator The Open School
Preetam Rai is always on the move running community learning events across Asia. He has conducted education and technology workshop for educators in China, Cambodia, Japan, Oman and Singapore. Preetam is an Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE), and he is often invited to speak about technology and popular culture trends in Asia.
Matt Ranostay Senior Software Engineer Konsulko Group
Matt Ranostay has worked in the Embedded Linux field in various roles for 10+ years at various companies, including Embedded Alley, Mentor Graphics, Intel's Open Source Technology Center, and currently at Konsulko Group.
Yi Chiao (Yitch) Cheng Futurist KPMG Digital Village
He is known as a negotiator, he can help you achieve your desired results with just 70% of the time. As a presenter, he is able to captivate the audience in person or remotely (former preferred) to deliver the message you want to send out. He is also a technologist, a community builder. Transforming corporate culture. One stubborn mind at a time
Takasu Masakazu Global Biz Development SwitchScience
Takasu Masakazu, Maker Faire in Shenzhen and Singapore, takes us on a journey to his homeland of Japan and their exciting ways of using technology, design and science. He is the most experienced person of Maker Faire in Asia. He is also connected all around Makers, even in Asia and Japan. His book 'Ecosystem by Makers' is well-known in Japan.
Ria Bhatia Program Manager Microsoft
Ria Bhatia is a Program Manager within Microsoft Azure. She is a maintainer of the new open source project Virtual Kubelet. In tandem with the community of Kubernetes, she is creating and designing a world where developers don't have to think about the underlying infrastructure to their applications. Instead they can focus on building containerized apps and deploy them directly to the cloud. Along with driving progress of Virtual Kubelet in the community, she is also driving first class "nodeless" experience for customers using AKS, Azure's managed Kubernetes offering. Ria has spoken at Kubernetes, and Docker meet-ups in San Francisco, Seattle and Vancouver. She has a youtube channel for developers in the Kubernetes space. The channel is called 'devops & socks'. Before working full-time at Microsoft, she was completing a B.S. in Computer Science at Penn State.
Michael Bright Developer Evangelist Containous
Michael Bright is Developer Evangelist for the Traefik reverse-proxy/load-balancer, working for Containous France. He is passionate about Serverless, Containers, Container Orchestration and Unikernels! He is a British, has been living in Grenoble, France for 25 years. He runs local Python and Docker User Groups, is passionate about Cloud technologies including Serverless, Docker/K8s, Unikernels and OpenStack. He is married to Paulina, a Chilean, he enjoys running, cycling, Salsa, Tango and holidaying in Chile!
Jens Petersen Engineering Manager Red Hat
Benjamin Scherrey Chief Systems Architect Proteus Ops
Benjamin Scherrey. He has 30+ years of development experience, has been involved with cryptoledgers since 2013, recently completed a successful ICO for a client, and has been working extensively on contracts intended to execute on these cryptoledgers. He will share his experiences, insights, and more than a few strongly opinionated rants about the ecosystem and the forces behind the current state of affairs.
Damini Satya Software Engineer Salesforce
M Padmal Developer FOSSASIA PSLab
Electronic and Telecommunication Undergraduate student from University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka who is passionate about hardware development.
Christopher Travers Database Administrator Adjust GmbH
Christopher Travers has been working with PostgreSQL since 1999 in various forms, is the author of multiple pieces of software using or extending that database system in areas from financial accounting programs to bridges that allow one to query MaxMind MMDB files from PostgreSQL. Today he works as a database administrator at Adjust GmbH where he administers a data environment of over 400TB in size.
Dušan Stojanović Founder and Director True Global Ventures
Meng Weng Wong Co-Founder
Alex Shinn Software Engineer Indeed
Alex Shinn is an engineer working on Indeed's job recommendation system. A former Google search engineer, he is a generalist with experience in natural language processing, building scalable architectures, and various AI technologies from expert systems to modern machine learning. In his free time he writes Sheme compilers and libraries and contributes to the Scheme standardization process.
Prasad Pandit Developer Red Hat India
Isuru Abeywardana Developer FOSSASIA
Isuru Abeywardana is a final year Information Systems undergraduate at the Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka. He completed my Google Summer of Code project under FOSSASIA and worked with FOSSASIA as a Developer and Google Code-In as a mentor. He likes to learn and read more about Docker, JS, DevOps, Cloud Technologies.
Denis Neklyudov Developer Expert Android & IoT Google
Denis Neklyudov is passionate about Android and IoT technologies.
Martin Andrews Machine Learning Developer Expert
Martin Andrews has a PhD in Machine Learning, and has been an Open Source developer since 1999. After a career in finance (based in London and New York), he decided to follow his original passion, and now works on Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence full-time. Martin has given several talks and workshops on Deep Learning over the last 2 years, including FOSSIA, PyConSG, DataScienceSG and at the Fifth Elephant conference (in India), in addition to running paid-for courses in Deep Learning in Singapore.
Daniel-Constantin Mierla Cofounder Kamailio
Seth Vargo Developer Advocate Google
Seth Vargo is a Developer Advocate for Google Cloud Platform primarily focusing on automation, devops, security, and startups. Previously Seth worked at HashiCorp, Chef Software, and a few other startups. He is an O'Reilly author and advises non-profits in his spare time.
Shipra Jain Principal Software Engineer Oracle
Shipra Jain has been working with MySQL Database team since 2012. She is currently employed by Oracle, based in India. She is a Staff Principal software engineer for the server QA team of the MySQL Database. She has a background in the database industry, by working previously for Sybase IQ and IBM DB2 UDB. She earns her master degree in Computer Application.
Marco Gutierrez Developer Glidex
Remi Denis-Courmont Senior Software Engineer VideoLAN
Remi Denis-Courmont is a long-time VLC developer and open-source contributor.
Héctor Orón Martínez Senior Engineer Collabora
李健秋 Andrew Lee Software Engineer Collabora
Stella Widyasari Consultant ThoughtWorks
Stella Widyasari graduated from NUS as a Computer Science engineer with the focus on Interactive media and Visual computing. She has been exposed to various modules in android application, web development, games, animation, film, among others. Currently, Stella is learning more about web programming technology and in the process of working on different web frameworks, such as ReactJS. Additionally, she has taken interests in development operations and in the process to learn the necessary tools such as jenkins, docker and chef.
Ujjwal Kumar Principal Technical Evangelist Microsoft
Khalil AlMaawali Project Executive Oman FOSS Initiative
Truc Viet Le Machine Learning Developer SAP
Truc Viet "Joe" Le is currently a machine learning developer at SAP Innovation Center Network (ICN) in Singapore. Before that, he was a Ph.D. student in Information Systems at the Singapore Management University (SMU). His Ph.D. research focused on a general machine learning framework to solve a diverse set of problems in urban environments, such as crime prevention and transportation. He is generally interested in applying methods in AI and machine learning combining with spatiotemporal data analytics to solve real-world problems in urban computing. When not behind the computer screen, he is an avid traveler, adventurer and an aspiring writer.
Kenji Shimono Linux Hacker Mobile Netwalker Laboratory
Kenji Shimono is mobile Linux Hacker. He's playing with Linux on hacking of Windows Tablet and ARM devices. His activity is Tokaido Linux Users Group and some conferences in Japan.
Dr Chong Shang Shan Researcher Carnegie Mellon University
Dr Chong Shang Shan worked with SDSS data while doing his Ph.D at Carnegie Mellon University, doing Data Science before there was such a thing as 'Data Science'. He has worked as ASTAR researcher, and, as a high school physics teacher, has taught high school students at NUS High School.
Pandikrishnan Gurusamy Senior Database Admin Lazada Group
Chin Hong Hua Open source Technology Evangelist Red Hat
Chin Hong Hua is a Principal Solution Architect for Red Hat. He has 17 years of technical sales and support experience, predominantly in middleware software like IBM WebSphere, Oracle Fusion Middleware and SAP NetWeaver. His current work involves partner enablement and providing technical expertise in JBoss middleware. He has written, presented and taught extensively on enterprise architecture, application integration and open source technologies. He holds a degree in Computer and Information Sciences from the School of Computing, National University of Singapore and has been a Committee Member in the Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation - Cloud Computing Chapter for several years.
Anton Babenko CEO Betajob
Anton Babenko is a fully certified in all 5 AWS professional certifications and has been working as web-developer, team lead, and CTO during his career. He has strong interests in automation, infrastructure management and exploring ways to do it properly and as risk-free as possible. Anton is an active member of open-source communities and a maintainer of verified Terraform AWS modules (450K downloads a month!). He also leads AWS and HashiCorp User Groups meetups in Norway, organizes DevOpsDays Oslo, and speaks often at various technical meetups and conferences. Last year he was a technical reviewer of the first ever printed book about Terraform.
Daniel Gultsch Head of Development Conversations
Guruswamy Revana Associate Professor BVRITH
Guruswamy Revana is an academician with around 15 years of experience. He had been into this journey with Teaching, Research and Development, Mentoring, Counselling, Administration etc. Basically he is Electrical and Electronics Engineer, his areas of expertise includes Renewable Energy Sources, Power Electronics, Electric drives. He is also interested in Assistive Technologies wherein Open source technologies are used to aid differently-abled. He is also keen about making learning much easier. He uses different methodologies to make Teaching - Learning process more effective.
Hamish Coleman Sys Admin/Hacker Hardware Tinkering
Hamish Coleman always likes to bend hardware to his will, which led to a career as a Sys Admin and means that he is always trying to understand what he can see inside the case.His quest to make computers do his bidding (and not theirs) has continued to drive his tinkering with software and hardware at home and at work. He believes in empowering others to also bend technology along with him. Hamish currently lives in Hong Kong - tiny living with his many tiny computers.
Dr Ben Leong Director Technology Lab Ministry of Education/NUS
Qin Fengling Software Development Manager Canaan
Qin Fengling has 8 years embedded Linux software development experiences and is familiar with many desktop Linux distributions (Ubuntu,Debian, Arch, Gentoo),OpenWrt and cross toolchains. He loves open source projects, including hardware and software. He has done a lot of work on embedded Linux about GUI and driver porting. Besides, Qin Fengling has development experiences on ARM,MIPS,LatticeMico32,Z80 embedded systems.
Vasudha Mathur Developer KDE
Paul Amazona Developer DataKind
Paul Amazona is a C#.NET developer working in an investment bank. Outside work, he is a core volunteer with DataKind Singapore, helping to organize events and engage volunteers in using data science with non-profit organizations. He also speaks/shares in .NET/Azure and Python user groups.
Daniel J Blueman Principal Software Engineer Numascale
Istvan Szmozsanszky Tech Speaker Mozilla
Daren Frankel Blockchain Consultant ConsenSys
Alisha Aneja Developer Fedora
Alisha Aneja is a Master of Science ( Computer Science) student at University of Melbourne. Having done her undergraduation in computer science as well, she always knows tech is going to be her field. She has worked as a Machine Learning Intern for 6 months and now she is interning with Fedora as a Software Developer under the Outreachy program. She is involved in various initiatives which aim to improve diversity in tech like the Django Girls workshop, Code Camp and the Superhack 2017 (IOT hackathon for high school females). She has been a FOSS contributor for a long time for various projects of Mozilla (Treeherder, Bedrock, Taskcluster) and now a contributor and intern for Fedora.
Chirag Ahuja Consultant Wipro
Chirag Ahuja is an ETRM Pre-Sales Consultant and support sales heads across the globe, gathering client requirements, preparing and presenting product demo's, designing marketing content, responding to RFP's and formulating best fit solutions for the client across the entire trade life cycle. Within a short span of 2 years, he has helped his sales team bring in over $2mn in revenues. He has trained and helped on-board 100+ resources across different ETRM projects. He has designed, built and recorded an 8 hour online ETRM course accessible to their consultants across the globe. He is also involved in: Skills & Competencies, Commodity Trading and Risk Management, Robotic Process Automation, Regulatory Compliance (EMIR/REMIT/Dodd-Frank), Trade Surveillance and AnalyticsIT system experience: Openlink - Endur (+AVS/JVS) SAP - ACM Triple Point - CXL Hivedome ITASRelevant Credentials: MBA - Energy Trading and Risk Management (Class Topper) GARP - Energy Risk Professional SAP - Commodity Risk Management Solution
Balasankar "Balu" C Jr. Distribution Engineer GitLab
Balasankar C, who prefers to be called Balu, currently works as a Junior Distribution Engineer at GitLab, where he helps in creating various installation solutions and configuration solutions for GitLab Community and Enterprise editions. He is also a Debian Developer, and maintains many Ruby related packages related to GitLab and Diaspora packaging and few Indic font packages. He is also a GNOME Foundation member, a Mozillian and an active volunteer of Indic Project.
Thia Kai Xin Head of Data Tech in Asia
Thia Kai Xin works at the intersection of data science and computer science. Over the course of 5 years, he has built and deployed into production a variety of large-scale machine learning models that provide recommendations, text analytics, spam & fraud detection, segmentation and forecasting across domains like eCommerce, healthcare, and consumer products; improving the experience for millions of users. He is also the co-founder of DataScience SG, the largest data science community in Singapore.
Chetan Khatri Data Science Lead Accion Labs Inc.
James Kulina Chief Operating Officer
James Kulina is currently the Chief Operating Officer at, a pioneering startup developing open serverless container technology to enable an easy to use multi-cloud Container-as-a-Service platform. Prior to, James worked at Red Hat in the OpenStack product group focusing on devops solutions. Before that, James worked at Paris based Openstack professional services startup eNovance, which was acquired by Red Hat in 2014. Prior to eNovance, James worked at AT&T in variety of managerial and technical roles within cloud and network services business units.
Alexander Bezzubov
Lead Software Engineer source{d}
Jason Zaman Software Engineer Gentoo Linux
He is a Gentoo Linux developer in the Hardened and SELinux projects. He maintains the SELinux policies and userland integration on gentoo.
Praveenkumar Hulakund Developer Oracle India
Praveenkumar Hulakund is working as a Software Developer in MySQL from 2011. He has around 13 years of Experience in the DBMS internals development.
Martin Bähr Community Manager Elastos
Huzaifa Sidhpurwala Engineer Red Hat
Raj Patel Founder StopStalk
Raj Patel is a Software Engineer at present, employed at BrowserStack. He created an Open Source Project and is live for about 2 years now. The website's name is StopStalk ( ,which is basically a utility product for Competitive programmers, it is used to help them analyse their progress along with do a healthy competitive learning by getting inspired from other fellow programmers.
Pooja Purswani Tech Speaker Mozilla
Being an Electronics Engineer and a Tech Speaker at Mozilla, Pooja Purswani loves tinkering with various emerging technologies mainly VR, IoT-based platforms, with a motto of making the web a better and connected place for everyone, and spreading the love of web literacy. She has been conducting workshops across India,with the aim to spread the love of tech.
Dipesh Chander Monga Tech Speaker Mozilla
Dipesh Monga is a techspeaker at Mozilla and working at Indian Institute of Technology Indore,India as a Research Associate where he works on development of Internet of things based system on chips (SoCs). He loves to tinkle with emerging technologies with his main focus of his research on system on chip based platforms for IoT and technologies of the future. He has published research papers on technologies like Li-Fi, SoCs for IoT application, mobile technologies and automation. He loves to speak about open source hardware, web literacy and the future of upcoming technologies.
Nabarun Pal Computer Engineer IIT Roorkee
Nabarun Pal is a final year undergraduate student at Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. Currently, he is working for rorodata which aims at providing data scientists a platform to build and deploy their models without the need of worrying about infrastructure, scalability, and performance. He is working on an Open Source Functions as a Service framework called firefly. He is passionate about software development. He can also talk about Internet of Things, Electronics, Robotics with equal spirit. His journey with the field of software and robotics started in his schooling days. He represents the college in various Robotics competitions and was involved in projects related to the above domains. He actively participates in conducting open lectures for students in the domains of Introductory Robotics, Control, AI and ML through a curated community of around 2000 members.
Sumedh Nimkarde Developer FOSSASIA
Sumedh Nimkarde is a third-year Computer Engineering undergrad student at National Institute of Technology, Surat, India. He loves to build things which make people's lives easier and finds technology solutions to real life problems. He works on full-stack and he mentored Google Summer of Code 2017 students with FOSSASIA. Currently, he is mentoring Google Code-in and Codeheat students under FOSSASIA.
Srijan Agarwal Computer Science Engineer KDE
Srijan Agarwal is a Computer Science Engineering junior at Amrita University, Amritapuri Campus. He has worked/interned over 5 early-stage startups including VSTV, Typeset, Scapic and Supertext . He is a highly motivated innovative thinker and an initiative taker with strong logical and analytical skills, with the ability to work individually as well as in a team. He is an open source enthusiast, Google Summer of Code'16 student, Google Code-In Mentor'16, and a JavaScript fanatic. His interests are Open Source, Web Applications, Data Analytics, A/B Testing, Machine Learning, Virtual & Augmented Reality, FinTech, and Distributed Systems. He mostly codes in JavaScript and Python.
Yeo Wee Kiang Educator Smartease Pte Ltd
Dr Yeo is an experienced Adult Educator with more than 1300 hours of overseas and local classroom teaching experience. At his own start-up, he Is leading a motivated team of data scientists to develop the Natural Language Understanding unit of chatbots. Dr Yeo received his doctorate from National University of Singapore. For his PhD work, he specialised in machine learning and data mining in a large multinational pharmaceutical company, where he built methodologies for the discovery of drug candidates for which he received the Best Graduate Researcher award.
Nitish Chauhan Software Developer KDE
Nitish Chauhana is a coder, traveller, chai lover. He loves programming and exploring open source projects. He is a simple person who enjoys playing chess and badminton in his free time. Currently, he is working as a software developer at INNOVACCER, mainly dealing with mongo, python & elastic search.
Shubham Padia Software Developer FOSSASIA
Calvin Cheng Software Consultant
Calvin Cheng designs and codes.
Mayank Prasad Principal Member Technical Staff Oracle
Sundeep Anand Software Engineer Red Hat
Sundeep Anand is an Open source developer, mostly codes around web, i18n and devops. He contributes to Ansible, Fedora, Transtats and Zanata projects, speaks at conferences and meetups (, and blogs sometimes at
Dumi Loghin Research Fellow School of Computing, NUS
Saptak Sengupta Software Engineer Zomato
Saptak Sengupta is an developer and enthusiast, who weirdly loves frontend development as much as he loves backend development. He works mainly in python, javascript, and PHP. Besides, he has been contributing to various open source organizations like FOSSASIA, jQuery, etc. He loves fiddling around with devops and infrastructure stuff.
Victoria Bondarchuk UX Researcher Open Source Design
Akshat Product Engineer Go-Jek
Adarsh S Contributor CloudCV
Adarsh S is an Entrepreneur, Machine Learning enthusiast. He was the founder of a FOSSMEC and, the team head of an NLP based Project which was made under Government funding at ICFOSS, to bring NLP to regional languages. He is currently a contributor to EvalAI, which is a project which works on making AI reproducible.
Le Kien Truc Senior Backend Engineer nClouds
Le Kien Truc is willing to contribute to open-source community, he is the leader of ubuntu-vn. Besides, he is interested in big data analytics and working with people all over the world.
Amit Bhattacharya Senior Software Development Oracle
Amit Bhattacharya is working with the MySQL RDBMS Product Team in Oracle Bangalore. His main responsibilities are leading a team of test engineers to verify and validate the new features and performance of MySQL Optimizer, developing and maintaining the test suites, development of automation frameworks and enhancing existing frameworks as and when required, benchmarking the optimizer performance, developing new tools for testing the database as and when required. Their test tools and frameworks are developed using PERL and Java. His previous experience includes working on RDBMS like DB2-UDB for LUW, Sybase-IQ and Microsoft SQL Server. Before joining Oracle he has worked with IBM India Software Labs, Microsoft and Sybase Inc.
Chen Yiyang Student Dunman High School
Li Zhaoqi Student Dunman High School
Joyce Ng Founder Hyan Technologies
Joyce Ng is working on an open-hardware transceiver kit for amateur band use in Singapore. She is a Electronics Engineering student at Singapore Polytechnic who is also an amateur radio licensee. She likes to experiment and tinker with electronics, and at times, repairs radio transceivers and other equipment. She believes that communication is important in the modern society we live in and that the knowledge of radio and other communications principles is the key to bridging people and communities, beyond borders and boundaries.
Darin Lobo Founder BiospaceSG
Darin Lobo is interested in neuroscience, synthetic biology, electrical engineering, quantum mechanics and science in general. He is a maker and biohacker. He is mostly experienced in hardware hacking and he is currently learning software specifically in neural networks. He runs a biohacking and hardware hacking meetup in Singapore called Biospacesg.
Ko Ko Ye Founder Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team
Chandan Kumar Software Engineer Red Hat
Chandan Kumar is currently working as a Software Engineer in Red Hat (India) on RDO and OpenStack project. He is one of the Organizers of Python Pune meetup as well as coordinator of dgplug.
Emin Aksehirli Senior Data Scientist DataSpark
Dr. Emin Aksehirli is working as a full stack data wrangler at DataSpark. He is preparing data, developing algorithms, productionize them using DevOps techniques, and support them. He is a data scientist, an experienced Java developer, a former Java trainer, and most importantly an open/free culture advocate.
Divya Tadi Electrical and Electronics Engineer BVRIT Hyderabad College
Aravind Putrevu Developer Advocate Elastic
Aravind Putrevu is currently working at Elastic as a Developer Advocate. He has deep interest in Machine Learning, Security Incident Analysis and IoT tech. In his free time, he plays around Raspi or a Arduino.
Dilum Navanjana Software Developer ERC Institute
Dilum Navanjana was able to work as a Software Engineer From his 3rd year in the University. Then, he wanted to learn new technologies & joined 99x Technologies. Currently he's doing Ruby Application development & Single Page applications with Angular JS.
Jackson Isaac Big Data Developer Tata Consultancy Services
Jackson Isaac studied at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, India and TU Munchen, Germany. He wasGoogle Summer of Code 2017 Organization Admin and 2015 Student Developer with The MacPorts Project.He is a developer by profession and student by heart, a data Science and AI enthusiast.He is currently working on Big Data, Machine Learning, Image Processing and Cloud based projects.
Cherry G. Mathew Founding Member Hackbeach and Hillhacks
Cherry G. Mathew is a C programmer with geo-libertarian political views, anarchist tendencies and some FOSS contributions - mostly to the BSD operating system ecosystem. As a Software Engineer, he has written programs which are mostly user invisible. As a Hardware Engineer, he has built an autonomous fruit picking robot which was very user visible. As an activist he has been a road warrior to campaign for grassroots access to FOSS. As an techno-anarchist and community organiser, he has been a founding member of two hacker conferences.
Sandeep Kapalawai Developer Mozilla
Sandeep Kapalawai is a Computer Science Graduate, an Open Source Evangelist speaking on FOSS (Free and Open Source Softwares), Mozilla's Projects and Products, specifically Localization, Common Voice, SUMO Project, L10n and QA. He is a Rep, Webmaker Mentor, Passionate Blogger and interested in learning new technologies.
Chen Yi - Xi Electrical Engineer NCKU
Teng-Ying Tai CEO MoGaMe Mobile Entertainment
Teng-Ying Tai obtained his B.S. degree in Information Management from DYU University, Taiwan, in 2001, and EMBA course from ASIA University, Taiwan, in 2016. Besides, he is founder of the MoGaMe Mobile(MGM), he has done several space related projects with National Space Organization, Taiwan and Principal Investigator in 1.5U Cubesat Project(YuSat-1 ,2017~2019). In addition, he dedicated to NBIoT/Cat-4 cubesat communication research, which will be used in the future.
Hemant Dangi Senior Technical Staff Oracle/MySQL
Hemant Dangi is working for Oracle as Senior Member Technical Staff for Group Replication development team.
Rakesh Tadishetty Developer Ingenious Solutions Software
Rakesh Tadishetty is a tech evangelist. He has been a speaker in various events and conferences conducted by Microsoft. Besides, he also gives speeches in many open source hackathons conducted by Mozilla and worked on IOT, Hadoop big data and machine learning technologies.
Divyam Madaan Software Developer KDE
Divyam Madaan is an open source enthusiast contributing as a core developer at GCompris which is a high-quality educational software suite comprising of numerous activities for children aged 2 to 10. He has been a Season of KDE developer, mentor, and a Google Summer of Code student, 2017 and has been working as a Software Developer at KDE for more than one year.
Tiejun Chen Staff Engineer ATC, VMware China
Tiejun Chen is a staff engineer from ATC, Advanced Technology Center, VMware China. Currently, his team is trying to work out their own Unikernel & IoT & Serverless project. Before join VMware, he worked at Wind River where he was responsible for developing Wind River Linux BSP, Kernel features and their own paraviratualized Guest OS, and submitted their fixes into mainstream like Linux/PowerPC/RT Linux. And then he joined OTC, Intel to enable new hardware features on open source community like KVM/XEN/Qemu.
Vigneshwer Dhinakaran Developer Mozilla
Ajo Robert Principal Member Technical Staff Oracle India
Ajo Robert has 10+ years of industry experience which span across network protocols and core database server development for both in-memory and disk-based systems. His current role in Oracle involves working on different MySQL modules including RUNTIME (which comprises of DDL execution, Distributed transaction management, meta-data locking, etc) and OPTIMIZER (consists of MDL execution, SELECT query planning, execution, data type management, etc) is the perfect combination of exposure to core database principles and its implementation.
Nam Nguyen Hoai Software Engineer Fujitsu
Janki Chhatbar Software Engineer Red Hat
Janki Chhatbar is an open source enthusiast working as software engineer in Red Hat in OpenStack and OpenDaylight. In her spare time, she writes about recent technologies on She is also the founder of Women Who Code Pune chapter and serves as its director.
Dai Dang Van Software Engineer Fujitsu
Dilpreet Singh Developer FOSSASIA
Kamesh Sampath Director of Developer Experience Red Hat
Suraj Narwade Associate Software Engineer Red Hat
Suraj Narwade is an open source enthusiast who contributes to the Kompose and the Kedge projects. He occasionally contributes to Kubernetes and Libcompose too. He is an active member of the local container-centric meetups in Bangalore and Pune, India. As a software engineer at Red Hat, he works on tools that help developers build and deploy containerized applications. He recently presented his work at the DevOps Day 2017.When not hacking containers, he can be seen hacking Alexa.
Melvin Zhang Maintainer and AI Programmer MagArena
Melvin Zhang is an avid programmer who enjoys designing and implementing novel algorithms. As the CTO of Cosmiqo, Melvin is in charge of developing its sensor data aggregation and analytics platform. In his spare time, Melvin works on the AI for MagArena, an open source card game project. Melvin received his B. Comp (Hons) and Ph.D. degrees from NUS School of Computing.
Chaithra M G Principal MySQL Software Developer Oracle
Chaithra Gopalaredy has been working with MySQL database team since 2011. She is currently employed by Oracle, based in India, Bangalore. She is a Principal Software Developer for the Optimizer Team of the MySQL database. She has a background in the database industry, having worked for Alcatel Lucent's DataBlitz main memory database in past.
Aayush Arora Web Developer FOSSASIA
Pronnoy Goswami Software Development Engineer McKinsey & Company
Pronnoy Goswami is currently working with McKinsey and Company as a Software Development Engineer. He builds web-applications and products for various clients. He mostly works on back-end using NodeJS with HapiJS as the framework & is also interested in DevOps and Application Infrastructure.Pronnoy is passionate about the new innovations in the field of technologies related to Human Computer Interaction and Machine Learning. Computer science as a field of work and research has always intrigued him, hence this choice. For the past two and a half years, he's been working on Image Processing and Machine Vision. His work on image processing has been a perfect amalgamation of research and practical application.
Ricky Setyawan Principal Sales Consultant Oracle
Himanshu Singh Developer Qplum
Harshit Dwivedi Android Dev Lead FOSSASIA
Dias Lonappan Head of Engineering Serv Group Pte Ltd
Dias is a long term privacy advocate and crypto evangelist. He currently heads the engineering team at consumer app startup. He was previously the CTO of Quantified Assets, a crypto management firm and is an open source contributor. He is trying to solve the challenge of reputation and safety in an anonymous decentralized world.
Nisha Gopalakrishnan Principal Member of Technical Staff Oracle
Nisha Gopalakrishnan has been working as a system software developer for over 9 years and of which 6 years has been with MySQL, Oracle based out of Bangalore, India. She has been involved in sustaining efforts of the MySQL server for the last six years. Prior to Oracle, She worked with Cisco for their network suite of products and with Wipro on platform security.
Harin Nalin Vadodaria Principal MTS Oracle
Harin Nalin Vadodaria has been associated with MySQL since May 2012. He is working on security features of MySQL server.
Tamim Shahriar Engineer Manager Grab
Chathu Vishwajith Ambassador Auth0 Inc.
Chathu Vishwajith a Co-Founder of a Startup where few of its products are powered by Full-stack JS. He is an Auth0 Ambassador, Co-Organizer of Colombo JS Meetup and Organizer of Sri Lanka Unity Developers User Group. He has been working with NodeJS since 2012 and he loves it. In addition, he co-founded Colombo JS Meetup in 2013, he has been educating and having discussions about JS for almost four years. Currently, he is working on Full-stack sales app which has NodeJS backend to serve API and Angular 4 Dashboard with Ionic 3 Mobile app.
Trishul Goel Frontend Developer Iomedia
Trishul Goel is a professional frontend developer, writing React code for a living and volunteering for Mozilla to justify his existence. He is an expert in developing browser extensions.You may know him for his Measure-it extension with 10K+ users. He also creates Youtube tutorial videos to help developers to understand various Webextension APIs.
Raju Koushik Gorantla Developer IIIT- Vadoadra
Raju Koushik Gorantla is an undergraduate, pursuing Information Technology at the Indian Institute of Information Technology, Vadodara, India. He was a Google Summer of Code Developer 2017 and Google CodeIn Mentor 2017. In addition, he is a hacker, coding enthusiast and a writer. A software developer building servers on Django and Flask and an entrepreneur working on his own startup Travel Diaries. He is also an avid open source contributor lately, working on Machine Learning and Information Retrieval. He is a former Software Engineer Intern at Invoxel Technologies Lmt and Curo Health Care Lmt. You can see him writing, reading or playing table tennis during his leisure time.
Harshit Prasad Full Stack Developer FOSSASIA
Harshit Prasad is an Open Source Enthusiast and Full Stack Developer. He is learning Artificial Intelligence and helping developers to build awesome stuff. He is also a GSoC'17 participant, CodeHeat 2017 Mentor and GCI Mentor 2017 in FOSSASIA.
Shankar Data & AI Scientist Manulife
Venkatesh Duggirala Senior Technical Staff Oracle
Venkatesh Duggirala has been working with MySQL Database team since 2012 (Replication Module). He is currently a Senior Principle Member Technical Staff, employed by Oracle, based in Bangalore, India. He has background in the database industry around 12+ years, has worked on various database products like Datablitz(Lucent), ANTs, ACS, Sybase, IBM DB2. He has a Master degree in Information Technology from Indian Institute of technology,Bombay.
Himanshu Dixit Developer Drupal
Himanshu Dixit is a Information Technology Engineering student. Currently, he is a Project Leader At Oppia, and Core Developer at Drupal. He is an Open Source Enthusiast, Google Summer of Code'17 Student, Google Code-in Mentor 2017. Currently junior student from India with major in Information Technology. He loves to code and talk about the fascinating ideas.
Madhavan Seshadri Software Developer Ste||ar Group
Tameesh Biswas Developer Drupal
Tameesh Biswas is a developer, open source enthusiast and a code fanatic. His life revolves around writing code to solve problems that he is passionate about. He is currently a sophomore at the Indian Institute of Technology Patna majoring in Computer Science and Engineering.
Team Ethical Hacking Ethical Hacking Club United World College Southeast Asia
Dr.Tahir Mumtaz Awan Director HATF Consultants & Advisors
Manas Ranjan Kar Senior Manager Episource LLC
Manas Ranjan Kar is currently leading the NLP & Data Science practice at Episource, a US healthcare company. His daily work revolves around working on semantic technologies and computational linguistics (NLP), building algorithms and machine learning models, researching data science journals and architecting secure product backends in the cloud. He has architected multiple commercial NLP solutions in the area of healthcare, foods & beverages, finance and retail. He is deeply involved in functionally architecting large scale business process automation & deep insights from structured & unstructured data using Natural Language Processing & Machine Learning. He has contributed to multiple NLP libraries like Gensim and Conceptnet5. He blogs regularly on NLP on multiple forums like Data Science Central, LinkedIn and his blog Unlock Text.
Sudhir Verma Software Engineer Red Hat
Saurabh Jain Developer IIIT- Vadodara
Harish Navnit Software Developer KDE
Harish Navnit is a free software enthusiast and software developer specializing in designing and maintaining cross platform desktop applications, written primarily using the Qt framework. He loves porting applications to newer frameworks and introduce advanced build tool features to make them scale better and be easier to maintain. Besides, he is a member of the KDE community, involved in both technical and non-technical/promo activities.
Poonam Mishra Developer Systers Projects
Tarun Kumar Free and Open Source Aficionado Meilix Developer
Tarun Kumar believes in working with the community and sharing ideas. He believes one's idea can be better if shared with other people. People should know to create solutions rather than finding the solutions. He loves free and open-source software community because it sucks that you are going through something and found some things that are useful and others didn't know that. I love to implement that and will be much happier if I am a part of that change.
Prabhanshu Attri Bytewalkers
Roy Peter Systems Engineer Go-Jek
Neeraj Murarka CTO Bluzelle Networks
Hayk Hakobyan APAC Developer Engagement Manager Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform
Michael Jervoso Student NUS High School of Mathematics and Science
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