Technology and Startups

Technology and Startups

Join us from March 22-25, 2018 in Singapore and learn about the latest technologies - software, hardware, blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Personal Voice Assistants, AI and Cloud

Personal Voice Assistants and Artificial Intelligence

Learn about natural language processing, how to build skills and actions for voice assistants or how to create your own Open Source chatbots and deploy it on a cloud infrastructure.


Blockchain and Cloud

Meet developers and startups working on the blockchain to create solutions for distributed computing, cloud services and Fintech.

Featured Speakers

Chris Aniszczyk

Chris Aniszczyk

Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Chris is currently a VP at the Linux Foundation focused on developer relations and running the Open Container Initiative (OCI) / Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Furthermore, he's a partner at Capital Factory where he focuses on mentoring, advising and investing in open source and infrastructure focused startups.

Michael Christen

Michael Christen


Michael is the founder of SUSI AI, loklak and, the creator of the Peer-to-Peer Search engine YaCy. He is a Big Data Engineer consulting for some of the largest corporate players in Germany on search technology and digital transformation strategies. He is also architect of large search portals like the German Digital Library.

Loi Luu

Loi Luu


Loi Luu is a co-founder and CEO of Kyber Network, a decentralized exchange for cryptocurrencies focuses on both security and usability. He developed Oyente, the first open-source security analyser for Ethereum smart contracts. Loi also cofounded SmartPool, another open source project which embraces decentralization of mining pools in existing cryptocurrency.

Bunnie Huang

Bunnie Huang

Chibitronics PTE LTD

Bunnie is best known for his work hacking the Microsoft Xbox, as well as for his efforts in designing and manufacturing open source hardware, including the chumby (app-playing alarm clock), chibitronics (teaching electronics through arts and crafts), and Novena (DIY laptop).

Carsten Haitzler

Carsten Haitzler

Samsung Electronics

He is also known as Raster or Rasterman to the open source community, best known for initiating and leading the development of the Enlightenment window manager and its libraries. Since 2010 he has been working on Samsung's Linux platform Tizen.

Frank Karlitschek

Frank Karlitschek


Frank is the Founder and Managing Director at Nextcloud. He also founded the ownCloud project in 2010 to return control over the storing and sharing of information to consumers. Frank is also a KDE contributor since 2001.

Jean Baptiste Kempf

Jean-Baptiste Kempf


Jean-Baptiste is the President of VideoLAN and VLC Lead Developer. Since 2005, he has worked on or lead most VideoLAN related projects, including VLC for desktop, the relicensing of libVLC, the ports to mobile operating systems, and various multimedia libraries like libdvdcss or libbluray.

Chris Van Tuin

Chris Van Tuin

Red Hat

Chris is the Chief Technologist at Red Hat. He has 20+ years of experience in Sales Engineering and Services at Red Hat, Intel, Loudcloud, and Linux startups.

Exhibition Program
March 22 - 24, 2018
Lifelong Learning Institute, Exhibition Halls, Floor 1

  • Thursday, March 22, 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM Exhibition, Career Fair, VIP Tour

    12:00 PM Exhibition & Career Fair Doors Open
    1:00 PM Welcome Snacks
    3:30 PM VIP Tour at Exhibition
    3:30 PM Career Booth Crawl
    6:00 PM Exhibition Doors Close

  • Friday, March 23, 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM Exhibition, Business Lunch and Afternoon Booth Tour

    9:30 AM Exhibitors Breakfast Snacks
    10:00 AM Exhibition Doors Open
    5:00 PM Happy Hour Booth
    6:00 Exhibition Doors Close

  • Saturday, March 24, 10:00 AM - 5:30 PM Exhibition, Young Developers Booth Tour, Lucky Draw

    9:30 AM Exhibitors Breakfast Snacks
    10:00 AM Exhibition Doors Open
    10:30 AM Young Developers Booth Tour
    2:00 PM Lucky Draw
    5:30 PM Exhibition Ends

  • Sunday, March 25, 10:00 AM - 3:30 PM After-Exhibition with Community Showcases

    10:00 AM - 3:30 PM Foyer Showcases of Open Source Projects

Conference Program
March 22 - 25 (+26), 2018
Lifelong Learning Institute, Event Halls Floor 1, 2, 4

  • Thursday, March 22, 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM Conference Opening with VIP guests

    1:00 PM Conference Opening
    3:30 PM Coffee Break
    Followed by Exhibition Visit

  • Friday, March 23, 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM Keynotes, Business and Technology Tracks, CodeHeat Award

    10:00 AM - 5:00 PM Keynote Sessions, Business and Technology Tracks
    2:00 PM CodeHeat Award Ceremony
    5:00 PM Sessions Close

  • Saturday, March 24, 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM Keynotes, Business and Technology Tracks, Young Developers Day, Group Photo

    10:00 AM - 7:00 PM Keynotes, Business and Technology Tracks, Young Developers Day
    12:00 PM Conference Group Photo
    7:00 PM Sessions Close

  • Sunday, March 25, 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM Business and Technology Tracks, Workshops

    10:00 AM - 4:00 PM Business and Technology Tracks, Workshops
    4:00 PM Closing Session
    5:00 PM Event Ends

  • Monday, March 26, 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM After-Event Workshops: SUSI.AI, Open Event, Pocket Science Lab

    9:30 Welcome Breakfast and Intro
    10:00 AM Workshops start in dedicated rooms
    12:30 PM Lunch
    1:30 PM Workshops Continue
    5:00 PM Workshops Close

Social Events Program
March 21 - 25, 2018
Singapore City

  • Wednesday, March 21, 3:00 PM-10:00 PM FOSSASIA Meet & Greet

    Join the FOSSASIA Speakers and Attendees Meet & Greet, meet the local tech scene, explore Singapore in a Culture and Exploration Afternoon, and enjoy the taste of Asia at a local dinner at Lau Pa Sat.

  • Thursday, March 22, 7:30 PM Welcome Get Together

    7:30 PM Tech Gathering with Speakers and Exhibitors

  • Friday, March 23, 7:30 PM Chinatown Snacks and Clarke Quay Pub Crawl

    7:30 PM Let's meet up in Chinatown for Snacks and have a Clarke Quay Pub Crawl

  • 7:30 PM Please join us for a Social Event with Live Music and Cultural Highlights (Business Partners, Speakers Reception, Social Event Ticket Passes)

  • Sunday, March 25, 7:30 PM Dim Sums and Midnight Hacks

    7:30 PM After-Event Dim Sum and Midnight City Hack Lounge


Stephanie Taylor
Stephanie Taylor Program Manager Google
Davide Storti
Davide Storti FOSS Program Manager UNESCO
Maik Außendorf
Maik Außendorf Co-founder and Manager Bareos GmbH & Co. KG
Italo Vignoli
Italo Vignoli Director The Open Source Initiative (OSI)
Duane O'Brien
Duane O'Brien Head of Open Source Indeed
Christopher Skene
Christopher Skene Developer Engagement Manager
Thomas Werkmeister
Thomas Werkmeister Machine Learning Engineer RASA
Manikantan Krishnamurthy
Manikantan Krishnamurthy Lead Developer Community Google
Yury Bushmelev Senior System Engineer Lazada
Ken Soh
Ken Soh Application Engineer AI Singapore
Liang Moung
Liang Moung Head of Digital Technology Singapore Press Holdings
Joe Conway
Joe Conway VP PostgreSQL Engineering Crunchy Data Solutions
Michael Downey
Michael Downey Director of Community United Nations Foundation
Floyd DCosta
Floyd DCosta CoFounder Block Armour
Stepan Goncharov
Stepan Goncharov Engineering Manager Grab
Brian Proffitt
Brian Proffitt Principal Program Manager Red Hat
Jollen Chen
Jollen Chen Creator & Lead Architect
Virgil Griffith
Dr. Virgil Griffith Scientist Ethereum
Ben Sadeghi
Ben Sadeghi Data & AI Specialist Microsoft
Felipe Hoffa
Felipe Hoffa Developer Advocate Google
Raymond Chan
Raymond Chan Chapter Lead DataKind Singapore
Ahmed Syed
Ahmed Syed Director Innovation Office SAP
Alyssa Ong
Alyssa Ong Technical Evangelist Microsoft
Thia Kai Xin
Thia Kai Xin Data Scientist Lazada
Sara Robinson
Sara Robinson Developer Advocate Google
Amahdy Abdelaziz
Amahdy Abdelaziz Code Artist Vaadin
Chris Auld
Chris Auld Technical Evangelist Manager Microsoft
Gaurang Torvekar
Gaurang Torvekar Co-founder/CEO Attores
Markku Lepisto
Markku Lepisto Solutions Architect Google
William Tan
William Tan Head of Technology Projects ITE College West
Keya Desai
Keya Desai Senior Software Consultant Thoughtworks
Nan Xiao
Nan Xiao Research Engineer Data Storage Institute
Colin Charles
Colin Charles Chief Evangelist Percona
Owais Zahid
Owais Zahid Software Development Manager Autodesk
Matthew Treinish
Matthew Treinish Open Source Developer Advocate IBM
Gilles Gravier
Gilles Gravier Director, Senior Advisor Wipro
André Rebentisch
André Rebentisch Write, Organizer Open Tech Summit Europe
Oskari Saarenmaa
Oskari Saarenmaa CEO Aiven
Kaz Sato
Kaz Sato Developer Advocate Google
Ilya Verbitskiy
Ilya Verbitskiy Founder WebStoating
Yue Lin Choong
Yue Lin Choong Director Women Who Code
Mai-Hsuan Chia
Mai-Hsuan Chia Developer Ethereum Research
Philip Paeps
Philip Paeps Director The FreeBSD Foundation
Asankhaya Sharma
Asankhaya Sharma Head of R&D SourceClear
Wong Yong Jie
Wong Yong Jie Technical Lead Glints
Robert "Bob" Reyes
Robert "Bob" Reyes Tech Speaker Mozilla
Masayuki Igawa
Masayuki Igawa Senior Software Engineer SUSE
Camilo Libedinsky
Camilo Libedinsky Assistant Professor National University of Singapore
Mishari Muqbil
Mishari Muqbil Founder CoderDojo
Preetam Rai
Preetam Rai Founder & Educator The Open School
Anwesha Das
Anwesha Das Writer Python Software Foundation
Matt Ranostay
Matt Ranostay Senior Software Engineer Konsulko Group
Yi Chiao (Yitch) Cheng Futurist KPMG Digital Village
Takasu Masakazu
Takasu Masakazu Global Biz Development SwitchScience
Ria Bhatia
Ria Bhatia Program Manager Microsoft
Michael Bright
Michael Bright Developer Evangelist Containous
Kushal Das
Kushal Das Developer Freedom of the Press Foundation
Daniel Pocock
Daniel Pocock Software Engineer Debian Project
Jens Peterson
Jens Peterson Engineering Manager Red Hat
Benjamin Scherrey
Benjamin Scherrey Chief Systems Architect Proteus Ops
Damini Satya
Damini Satya Software Engineer Salesforce
M Padmal
M Padmal Developer FOSSASIA PSLab
Christopher Travers
Christopher Travers Database Administrator Adjust GmbH
Alex Shinn
Alex Shinn Software Engineer Indeed
Prasad Pandit
Prasad Pandit Developer Red Hat India
Mohammed A. Imran
Mohammed A. Imran Senior Security Engineer Zendesk
Isuru Abeywardana
Isuru Abeywardana Developer FOSSASIA
Denis Neklyudov
Denis Neklyudov Developer Expert Android & IoT Google
Kiruthika Ramanathan
Kiruthika Ramanathan Senior Manager Science Centre Singapore
Martin Andrews
Martin Andrews Machine Learning Developer Expert
Daniel-Constantin Mierla
Daniel-Constantin Mierla Cofounder Kamailio
Seth Vargo
Seth Vargo Developer Advocate Google
Shipra Jain
Shipra Jain Principal Software Engineer Oracle
Marco Gutierrez
Marco Gutierrez Developer Glidex
Remi Denis-Courmont
Remi Denis-Courmont Senior Software Engineer VideoLAN
Héctor Orón Martínez
Héctor Orón Martínez Senior Engineer Collabora
Andrew Lee
李健秋 Andrew Lee Software Engineer Collabora
Stella Widyasari
Stella Widyasari Consultant ThoughtWorks
Khalil AlMaawali
Khalil AlMaawali Project Executive Oman FOSS Initiative
Truc Viet Le
Truc Viet Le Machine Learning Developer SAP
Kenji Shimono
Kenji Shimono Linux Hacker Mobile Netwalker Laboratory
Jayaditya Gupta
Jayaditya Gupta Developer Advocate KDE
Dr Chong Shang Shan
Dr Chong Shang Shan Researcher Carnegie Mellon University
Ankit Raj
Ankit Raj Consultant MLG Blockchain
Pandikrishnan Gurusamy
Pandikrishnan Gurusamy Senior Database Admin Lazada Group
Chin Hong Hua
Chin Hong Hua Open source Technology Evangelist Red Hat
Anton Babenko
Anton Babenko CEO Betajob
Daniel Gultsch
Daniel Gultsch Head of Development Conversations
Guruswamy Revana
Guruswamy Revana Associate Professor BVRITH
German Saprykin
German Saprykin iOS Developer Grab
Hamish Coleman
Hamish Coleman Sys Admin/Hacker Hardware Tinkering
Qin Fengling
Qin Fengling Software Development Manager Canaan
Vasudha Mathur
Vasudha Mathur Developer KDE
Paul Amazona
Paul Amazona Developer DataKind
Daren Frankel
Daren Frankel Blockchain Expert ConsenSys
Alisha Aneja
Alisha Aneja Developer Fedora
Chirag Ahuja
Chirag Ahuja Consultant Wipro
Balasankar "Balu" C
Balasankar "Balu" C Jr. Build Engineer GitLab
Chetan Khatri
Chetan Khatri Data Science Lead Accion Labs Inc.
James Kulina
James Kulina Chief Operating Officer
Alexander Bezzubov
Alexander Bezzubov
Lead Software Engineer source{d}
Jason Zaman
Jason Zaman Software Engineer Gentoo Linux
Harihara Vinayakaram Natarajan
Harihara Vinayakaram Natarajan Chief Architect Wipro
Praveenkumar Hulakund
Praveenkumar Hulakund Developer Oracle India
Brou Yannick-Noel Aka
Brou Yannick-Noel Aka Developer Mozilla
Martin Bähr
Martin Bähr Community Manager Elastos
Huzaifa Sidhpurwala
Huzaifa Sidhpurwala Engineer Red Hat
Raj Patel
Raj Patel Founder StopStalk
Subhankar Shah
Subhankar Shah Developer FOSSASIA
Sherman Chen
Sherman Chen Founder, CTO CXWORKS LLP
Pooja Purswani
Pooja Purswani Tech Speaker Mozilla
Dipesh Chander Monga
Dipesh Chander Monga Tech Speaker Mozilla
Nabarun Pal
Nabarun Pal Computer Engineer IIT Roorkee
Sumedh Nimkarde
Sumedh Nimkarde Developer FOSSASIA
Srijan Agarwal
Srijan Agarwal Computer Science Engineer KDE
Yeo Wee Kiang
Yeo Wee Kiang Educator Smartease Pte Ltd
Nitish Chauhan
Nitish Chauhan Software Developer KDE
Shubham Padia
Shubham Padia Software Developer FOSSASIA
Calvin Cheng
Calvin Cheng Software Consultant
Mayank Prasad
Mayank Prasad Principal Member Technical Staff Oracle
Sundeep Anand
Sundeep Anand Software Engineer Red Hat
Dumi Loghin
Dumi Loghin Research Fellow School of Computing, NUS
Saptak Sengupta
Saptak Sengupta Software Engineer Zomato
Akshat Product Engineer Go-Jek
Sagar Hani
Sagar Hani KDE WikiToLearn
Adarsh S
Adarsh S Contributor CloudCV
Le Kien Truc
Le Kien Truc Senior Backend Engineer nClouds
Amit Bhattacharya
Amit Bhattacharya Senior Software Development Oracle
Joyce Ng
Joyce Ng Founder Hyan Technologies
Darin Lobo
Darin Lobo Founder BiospaceSG
Ko Ko Ye
Ko Ko Ye Founder Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team
Chandan Kumar
Chandan Kumar Software Engineer Red Hat
Emin Aksehirli
Emin Aksehirli Senior Data Scientist DataSpark
Divya Tadi
Divya Tadi Electrical and Electronics Engineer BVRIT Hyderabad College
Aravind Putrevu
Aravind Putrevu Developer Advocate Elastic
Dilum Navanjana
Dilum Navanjana Software Developer ERC Institute
Jackson Isaac
Jackson Isaac Big Data Developer Tata Consultancy Services
Cherry G. Mathew
Cherry G. Mathew Founding Member Hackbeach and Hillhacks
Sandeep Kapalawai
Sandeep Kapalawai Developer Mozilla
Chen Yi - Xi
Chen Yi - Xi Electrical Engineer NCKU
Teng-Ying Tai
Teng-Ying Tai CEO MoGaMe Mobile Entertainment
Hemant Dangi
Hemant Dangi Senior Technical Staff Oracle/MySQL
Rakesh Tadishetty
Rakesh Tadishetty Developer Ingenious Solutions Software
Divyam Madaan
Divyam Madaan Software Developer KDE
Tiejun Chen
Tiejun Chen Staff Engineer ATC, VMware China
Vigneshwer Dhinakaran
Vigneshwer Dhinakaran Developer Mozilla
Ajo Robert
Ajo Robert Principal Member Technical Staff Oracle India
Nam Nguyen Hoai
Nam Nguyen Hoai Software Engineer Fujitsu
Janki Chhatbar
Janki Chhatbar Software Engineer Red Hat
Dai Dang Van
Dai Dang Van Software Engineer Fujitsu
Dilpreet Singh
Dilpreet Singh Developer FOSSASIA
Kamesh Sampath
Kamesh Sampath Director of Developer Experience Red Hat
Suraj Narwade
Suraj Narwade Associate Software Engineer Red Hat
Melvin Zhang
Melvin Zhang Maintainer and AI Programmer MagArena
Chaithra M G
Chaithra M G Principal MySQL Software Developer Oracle
Aayush Arora
Aayush Arora Web Developer FOSSASIA
Pronnoy Goswami
Pronnoy Goswami Software Development Engineer McKinsey & Company
Ricky Setyawan
Ricky Setyawan Principal Sales Consultant Oracle
Himanshu Singh
Himanshu Singh Developer Qplum
Harshit Dwivedi
Harshit Dwivedi Android Dev Lead FOSSASIA
Dias Lonappan
Dias Lonappan Head of Engineering Serv Group Pte Ltd
Nisha Gopalakrishnan
Nisha Gopalakrishnan Principal Member of Technical Staff Oracle
Harin Nalin Vadodaria
Harin Nalin Vadodaria Principal MTS Oracle
Chathu Vishwajith
Chathu Vishwajith Ambassador Auth0 Inc.
Trishul Goel
Trishul Goel Frontend Developer Iomedia
Raju Koushik Gorantla
Raju Koushik Gorantla Developer IIIT- Vadoadra
Harshit Prasad
Harshit Prasad Full Stack Developer FOSSASIA
Shankar Data & AI Scientist Manulife
Venkatesh Duggirala
Venkatesh Duggirala Senior Technical Staff Oracle
Himanshu Dixit
Himanshu Dixit Developer Drupal
Madhavan Seshadri
Madhavan Seshadri Software Developer Ste||ar Group
Tameesh Biswas
Tameesh Biswas Developer Drupal
Team Ethical Hacking
Team Ethical Hacking Ethical Hacking Club United World College Southeast Asia
Dr. Tahir Mumtaz Awan
Dr.Tahir Mumtaz Awan Director HATF Consultants & Advisors
Manas Ranjan Kar
Manas Ranjan Kar Senior Manager Episource LLC
Sudhir Verma
Sudhir Verma Red Hat Software Engineer
Saurabh Jain
Saurabh Jain Developer IIIT- Vadodara
Harish Navnit
Harish Navnit Software Developer KDE
Daniel J Blueman
Daniel J Blueman Principal Software Engineer Numascale
Istvan Szmozsanszky
Istvan Szmozsanszky Tech Speaker Mozilla
Poonam Mishra
Poonam Mishra Developer Systers Projects
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A little more about the FOSSASIA Summit

The FOSSASIA Summit is the premier Free and Open Source technology event in Asia for developers, start-ups, and contributors. Projects at FOSSASIA range from open hardware, to design, graphics and software. FOSSASIA was established in 2009. Previous events took place in Cambodia and Vietnam.

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Join us at the FOSSASIA OpenTechSummit
 in March 2018 in Singapore!

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Event Partners



Open TechCommunity in Asia

FOSSASIA develops Open Source software and hardware for conversational AI, science and event management with a global developer community from its base in Asia. The organization organizes Open Technology events, and runs coding programs. The annual FOSSASIA Summit is a premier Open Technology event in Asia. FOSSASIA was founded in 2009.

Science Centre Singapore

Science Centre Singapore

Home to the Wonders of Science

Science Centre Singapore brings out the wonders of science, technology, engineering and mathematics through its unique blend of exhibitions, educational programs or events. In nearly four decades, over 17 million visitors have entered our doors, arriving with curiosity and leaving inspired.

The FOSSASIA Summit is Asia's premier OpenTechSummit featuring prominent tech icons from around the world.

FOSSASIA OpenTechSummit


Hong Phuc Dang

Hong Phuc Dang

Mario Behling

Mario Behling

Harish Pillay

Harish Pillay

Internet Society
Tit Meng

Tit Meng Lim

Chief Executive Science Centre and NUS
Roland Turner

Roland Turner

Justin Lee

Justin Lee

Open Source Community Leader

DENG Zhi Wei (Kiwi)

Hardware Lead FOSSASIA
Daniel Blueman

Daniel Blueman


Nayana Adassuriya


Noah Chen

Gi Soong Chee

Gi Soong Chee

Dunman High School
Christopher Adams

Christopher Adams

Victoria Bondarchuk

Victoria Bondarchuk

Seoul Tech Society
Victoria Purynova

Victoria Purynova

Seoul Tech Society
Eden Dang

Eden Jade

Program and Event Manager
Darrel Chua

Darrel Chua

Business Development
Joerg Henning

Joerg Henning

DevOps Engineer
Philip Paeps

Philip Paeps

The FreeBSD Foundation

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Lifelong Learning Institute Singapore is the event location for the FOSSASIA Summit. Address: 11 Eunos Road 8, Singapore 408601 (Paya Lebar MRT)